We only knew one thing when we started on our journey with the Australian Importing Club and that is that we wanted to make a passive income.

When we joined AIC we were overwhelmed, confused, directionless and really scared.

The team at AIC gave us the tools, knowledge and confidence to take the many small steps required to be financially free.

Their availability, professionalism and encouragement have been worth every cent of our membership fee.

Thanks to Ian, Adam, Sam, Kerry and the entire team at AIC for making this journey safe and enjoyable.

My partner Cherri and I had long dreamed of starting our own import business, in fact we discussed it long and often. However the time flew by and the more we deliberated, the harder it all seemed. The obstacles and uncertainties just kept mounting until we’d all but given up on the idea. That’s when we saw the AIC email invitation to a free seminar that would change our lives!

We are now two very happy Australian Import Club members and well on our way to our goal of financial freedom thanks to Ian and Adam’s invaluable assistance.

Their professionalism and support has made everything possible! From the systems, and infrastructure to guide us every step of the way, to the incredibly helpful and responsive team on the ground in China as well as the regular face to face workshops with social media and on line sales mentors, all of it designed to help us set up our own professional import and sales business in record time.

Before making the decision to join AIC I conducted my own due diligence. I contacted a couple of other companies purporting to offer these services but none of them came close to the professionalism and support that AIC offer. I can confidently recommend Ian and Adam’s services to anyone with a dream of succeeding in an import business.

My dream was to enter the world of Product Importation, travel to China, buy products and sell online. In the beginning I thought the only way to go was to have a shop front. As a small company I thought this was just not possible.

Ian & Adam with the help of their office in China have shown me how to deal Chinese factories, check the reliability and safety of the factories and bring in samples into Australia.

I thought this was too hard for me but The Australian Importing Club and their staff have simplified the process by creating unique content that they have developed over years of importing there own products.

The journey is both scary and exciting all at the same time but it is nice to know that there is someone on the other end of the phone to help, no matter how simple or silly the questions may be. Sometimes what you need to get started is a mentor, someone that understands the fears & worries you have in entering such an exciting adventure. It is not easy and is a huge challenge but is so rewarding. The Australian Importing Club is helping me take the next step.

Surrounding yourself with a group of like minded people around you that just understand is just amazing. Being part of the Australian Importing Club now and in the future ensures that I will keep on track to the lifestyle that I want.