Import Seminars and Training Courses by the Experts

Education when it comes to importing can sometimes be difficult to find. This is mainly because successful importers don’t want to give away all their secrets that would have taken them years to workout… who can blame them!

Why you need our import training courses

Importing from China is not just about getting a container landed here in Australia full of products. You need to sell your products quickly and with the least amount of work possible.

Of course this takes some time and effort to set up correctly, but once things are in place you should be able to take it easy and let the business tick over by itself with a little fine tuning now and then. This is not a simple process and can literally take years to achieve if you don’t have a system to follow.

So education is something you should seek out and learn as much as you can from people who have had experience in the field your entering into. Importing workshops and Business Courses get you in touch with people you can joint venture with and you never know what that could lead to. Just attending an importing course could open doors for you that you never knew existed.

The Australian Importing Club runs “How To Import From China” workshops on a regular basis during the year and they are always full. Anyone who has attended the Australian Importing Club’s Importing Courses have been amazed by the amount of free information we give away. It’s our philosophy to give away as much information as possible at our 2 Day Importing Courses.

We also have members only Business Courses where Sam Patton and Ian Schoots “hold your hand” through the process of setting up your very own importing business and how to make it work passively.

Enrol in one of our import seminars today!

Importing Courses and Workshops make it easy for you to meet other people who are in a similar position to you and can be very inspirational.

We all need a “kick up the backside” sometimes to get us out of our comfort zone and there’s nothing better than inspiration to move things along to speed up your dream business.

In our experience “The Comfort Zone” is something you desperately need to avoid to change your lifestyle. This is something we teach at our business courses and is the key success in any business venture.

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