How To Start An Import Business In Australia

Business owners across many industries often come to me looking for advice on how to start an import business in Australia.

Well the fact is that there are many factors to starting a business. Actually it is quite easy… just close your eyes and go ahead and start! Will it be successful… probably not. The catch is that you need to do a whole list of home work first to start an importing business that will be successful.

Some of the important first steps are:

  • Do a Business Course or Importing Course

The best way to get started is to attend one of our Importing Courses or Business Courses. We run regular Business Courses in Melbourne for our members and we also run Importing Courses around Australia many times during the year. Click here to see if there is an Importing Course or a Business Course coming to a city near you soon!

Attending an Importing Course is a great way to meet friendly, like minded people and getting the low down on importing from China from Ian Schoots and Adam Paterson. We give heaps of free information and tips on how to become successful and we have a large faculty of experts in many fields that make our Business Courses informative and fun!

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  • Find a product that will be sustainable

In other words, a product that will not go out of fashion quickly. There are so many “fad” products around and they usually go nuts in the shops for a while but be careful. There have been numerous cases where someone has gone out to start an importing business with a “fad product” and gone broke in the process once the fad wears off. Find a good product that you can keep selling for years to come and build your importing business around that product.

  • Find a product you know about

    Importing knowledge

When you start an importing business it’s a good idea to begin with what you know. A lot of new importing businesses go out and import something that they think is exciting because they are sick of the boring old products that they know everything about. Big mistake! When your picking your first product you need to know it inside and out. You need to be able to just look at it and say “it needs this thing or that thing fixed. Not to mention when you show your expertise in a product you clients will be impressed and feel good about buying your product. Remember there is plenty of time to play around with some “exciting new product” that seems fun!

  • Stick to your guns!

How to start and importing businessI see a lot of new importing businesses go under because the owner loses enthusiasm for the importing business. This can be due to many factors like the ones above that I have just mentioned but often it is because of mindset. They get frustrated because sales may drop off for a couple of months and give up. You need to always push through these periods and concentrate on your marketing if things slow down. In my experience importing businesses that have survived for more than 3 years are usually very, very successful!

So that’s just a few tips on how to start an import business in Australia, but you can learn heaps more at the Australian Importing Club Importing Business Workshops. We show you exactly How To Start An Importing Business successfully and give you the opportunity to speak to like minded people who are just like you. Click here to see if there is a workshop coming up soon!

Ian Schoots
Importing Club of Australia


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