How to Import Products From China to Australia

A very common question these days. importing course

A lot of business owners in Australia are looking to import their own products from China instead of buying from a wholesaler. A very good idea. It doesn’t make much sense giving all your margin to someone else. Imagine turning over the same amount of business but increasing your profit margin without doing a thing. That is the advantage of importing your own products.

The other advantage is that you can increase the amount of stock you have without blowing your budget. You can begin selling different lines of products within your business. This is exactly what I did when I first started out importing. I just added machinery sales to my existing business and my turnover doubled within 6 months of receiving my container and I was making 150% profit margin on those products and I was still heaps cheaper than my competition!

Anytime I speak to someone who is thinking about this business model I say “yes, yes, yes!”. Come along to one of our business courses and learn how to import products from China to Australia… if your interested in one of our Importing Workshops then CLICK HERE to see if one is coming up.

So… How to import products from China to Australia? That’s a complicated question which is why I direct people to our Importing Courses but let me just go over the basics here to get you started:

  • Get yourself a good financial adviser or talk to your bank manager to see if they can help you

Hang on! What’s that got to do with importing?? Well it’s got everything to do with importing. Basically the more you import the more money you will make… simple as that. That is the reason why the longer you’re in it the more you make… importers that have been around for a few years have more stock because they keep expanding on their original order. Your bank manager is going to come in very handy if you can get him to give you a loan. Don’t be scared by this either… a lot of people consider bank loans debt but in the business world they are a necessary expense. So unless you have $50,000 sitting around gathering dust in your bank account you going to need a loan of some description

  • Get good adviceimporting workshops

Not easy in this business. Importers generally don’t want to give their secrets out easily but if you can find one that’s doing well then try to get some info from them regardless.

Again… coming to our importing workshops and business courses are great way to meet people. Networking is one of the most important parts of business that most people overlook or just throw in the “too hard basket”. I totally understand that it can be difficult to network and that’s why going to an importing course makes it simple to find people that are looking to build a network. You will be surprised just how much you will get out of a Business courses Melbourne

  • Don’t skimp on finding a great supplier

A lot of new importers will try to find a supplier cheaply through online websites. Well this is a recipe to end your business within 12 months.

Your supplier is the most important part of your import business. Why would you try to get this cheap. It’s like investing in the stock market without knowing anything about the companies your investing in. This is something that needs a great deal of work and time. Once you land a great supplier you can build your business around them.

Well there is heaps more to know and I will post more tips here from time to time so check back regularly. I hope to see you at one of our importing courses very soon!

– Ian Schoots


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