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Hi there, I’m Ian Schoots,

Together with my business partner Adam Paterson we’ve founded the Importing Club of Australia. If you haven’t already watched the welcome video at the top of this page we encourage you to do this right now.


Because chances are you’re here looking for answers!

Maybe you’ve already tried your hands at importing and it didn’t work, for you.

Or maybe you’re keen to get started. But you don’t want to get caught making the typical cardinal mistakes most importing newbies commit. It’s totally OK. We’ve got your back.

It’s possible you’ve been burnt in the past. We can’t blame you because when you don’t know the solution to a problem there’s no shame in making mistakes.

And THAT’S exactly WHY we’ve developed a proven solution, for you. We’re committed to helping you avoid the typical importing disasters because we win when you do. It’s common sense, really.

We Can’t Build Our Business on the Back of Your Failure!

So naturally, we’ve got your BEST interest at heart. And you may find this hard to believe now, but at some stage in the past we WERE in YOUR shoes. We had to start somewhere… and make all the mistakes. We certainly made plenty of them;let us assure you right now.There’s  really nothing wrong in making mistakes and failing.

But it’s madness to fail when you don’t have to!

(When you can follow a proven system instead.)

To help you do just that we’ve recorded a video with seven success keys to help you avoid making these same mistakes. We show you how to build a consistent and successful importing business. Better still, this training is available to you FREE of charge. All you have to do is enter your name and email and you’ll get immediate access to the training.

It couldn’t be any easier than that, right?

Get the REAL Truth Behind Importing…

And discover how these 7 success keys can bring you closer to your lifestyle business – PART TIME.

If you want to leverage your time to build passive income streams get started right now. Enter your name and email below and we’ll see you on the other side.





Ian Schoots & Adam Paterson

Founders of the Importing Club of Australia

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