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“Discover How Ian Went From a Failing Business to Making 6 Figures in

12 Months Importing goods from China Part Time”

Here’s Your Chance to Get Your Hands on the Most Powerful Importing Marketing System Ever!

Hi, I'm Ian and excited you're here!

Hi, I’m Ian and excited you’re here!

Hi there, my name is Ian Schoots,

I’m the Co-Founder of the Australian Importing Club.

I’m also the guy who went nearly bankrupt in my last business, just before importing literally saved me from having to go back to a J.O.B. More on that shortly…

I guess you’re here because you’ve toyed with the idea of importing products from China to Australia, and selling your products on eBay or from a website to make a boatload of money. Seeing that others do it so well you figured you could do it too…

Well, I’m here to say, you can!

However… there’s things you MUST know before you tip your toes into importing and burn them.

And if you want to do it RIGHT from the start and build successful income streams – part time –I suggest you…

Pay close attention for the next seven minutes or so to learn from my mistakes, and save a LOT of time and money in the process.

You’re About To Uncover the Most Powerful Importing Marketing Secrets Known ONLY to the World’s Top eBay Sellers

Using these secrets you’ll be able to sack your boss while building powerful income streams that are resistant to the recession and job cuts!

Chances are you’re here because…

You WANT more time and money FREEDOM!

  • YOU YEARN to spend more quality time with your loved ones… instead of having to battle with traffic jams, and angry co-workers on your way to and from work.
  • YOU WANT to work less for more money… but you’ve exhausted your pay-rise opportunities because you’re already at the top of your game, with no lifestyle freedom in sight!
  • YOU FANTASIZE about having enough money to never worry about paying bills again… so you can send your children to the best schools, or take long leisurely holidays… while the dollars keep rolling into your bank account.
  • YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED of working against the clock… for a measly pay day, in comparison to the hours you clock, and you’re questioning whether this is truly “it.”

Fact is You CAN Succeed in Importing, But if You’re Not Using a PROVEN System You’re Wasting Precious Time and Money!

I should know because I’ve had to do it the hard way first.

A few short years ago I was staring bankruptcy in the eye. My Exhaust Fitting business was floundering because I injured my back. And without me working in the business, I was unable to produce a decent income.

I didn’t know what else I could do to turn things around for the better. I was working long hours… lay awake at night, worried about how I would continue to pay the bills and put food on the table.

I was scared for my future, and for the future of my wife and children.

I was grabbing at short straws… ANYTHING… to help me find traction again and turn my business around – and came across an opportunity to import goods from China.

So I Became a Rookie Importer, and Got Thrown Right Into the DEEP End, Treading Water to Survive!

I had nothing else to lose because I was already facing certain financial doom.

Looking back I made ALL the classic mistakes.

I wasted thousands of dollars… lost too many opportunities to keep count, and failed my way to success in the end.

Because after 12 months of doing this part time, working about two hours a week building my importing business in my spare time, I finally cracked the code.

And this is why you’re here right now… to STOP flailing, guessing, and wondering whether this importing business thing can work for you too. As an import consultant with many years of experience importing goods to Australia, learn more about the best products to import from China by enrolling in one of my courses now!

The good news is… it certainly can as you’ll discover in our upcoming…

FREE 2-Day Workshop Reveals the 7 Secrets to

Creating an Importing Lifestyle Business – PART TIME!

(We’ve stripped this previous 3-day workshop into 2 days to make it more digestible for busy people like you, and even more powerful!)

Others Give You Worn Out Formulas & Strategies – We Give You Our Success Nuts & Bolts Blueprint – So You Can Go Home to Implement the System We Show You, and Earn Passive Income!

Rebecca Hughes (Melbourne) said, 'You've changed my thoughts on importing!
“The Australian Importing Club Workshop has literally changed my thoughts on Importing! Both Ian & Adam have a great deal of in depth knowledge in the importing game and I am very thankful that I have been involved in the Workshop. I would highly recommend anybody thinking of importing to go along and see it for yourself. The information you will obtain will truly be of benefit to you and your business. Their professionalism, knowledge and patience in this workshop makes for a brilliant 2 days. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you.”
Smash your competition... Import from China, the right way

Smash your competition… Import from China, the right way

When and Where Will the Workshops Be Held?

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Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd June 2018

Park Royal Hotel
30 Phillip St, Parramatta
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Sat 9th & Sun 10th June 2018

Crown Promenade
8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
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Sat 30th June & Sun 1st July 2018

Hotel Grand Chancellor
23 Leichhardt St (Cnr Wickham Terrace), Brisbane
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We start at 9am and end around 4.30pm
Registration opens at 8am on Saturday morning

Seats Are Limited! We Expect To Be Booked Out Because This Is the REAL Nuts & Bolts Deal, No One Else Is Teaching You That Much Detail on Building a Lifestyle Importing Business

Register Today for This Live 2-Day Workshop!


Why Is the Workshop FREE??

We always get asked whats the catch… why is the workshop for free? We offer membership to the Australian Importing Club at the workshops… so that’s the catch (if you want to call it a catch)

Coming to one of our workshops is the only way you can join the Australian Importing Club because we feel it is important to let you know what your in for before and what we are about before you join. It also shows us that your serious about becoming an importer and that you are ready to make a change in your business and your life…

Tammouz Elsheikh (Melbourne) left our workshop with tons of new knowledge
“I came to the workshop thinking I knew a fair bit about Importing and realised that I knew nothing, but learnt plenty while being at the workshop!”

Here’s What Some of Our Previous Attendees Said

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Joel tells how he has discovered so many more opportunities after attending the Workshop and is fired up to get started!

This 2-day interactive workshop is unlike any other workshop you’ve ever been to. My business partner and Co-Founder of Australian Importing Club Adam Paterson and I have created this workshop to combat the lies, hype, and airy-fairy marketing tactics in the industry.

You can be assured we’re the REAL deal.

We have stripped our business bare to show you the nuts and bolts of our very own success system. No one else in the industry is showing you this level of insight – GUARANTEED.

More Feedback from Happy Workshop Attendees…

Raymond Lewis just had an Idea but after attending the Workshop realised it can now become a reality!

Stacy said…“The Best 3 Days I Have Spent All Year!”

Nathan Dakin explains how he was scared to import from China but after attending the workshop is ready to go for it!

Jeff Web – Jeff was impressed about our easy-to-digest no-brainer information, and feels confident about building a successful importing business


Niki is confident she can build an importing business from the comfort of her home and was blown away with the in-depth information we shared with her

… And More Still

Sunil from Sydney loved the workshop. He says, “Save yourself hassles and money by attending this workshop”

Judy from Cairns attended our workshop a second time round and brought her son and a friend. She can’t wait to go to Canton to take her business to the next level!

Mark Minter (Gold Coast) came with a desire to start importing and left armed with the tools to make it happen.
“I came along to the workshop with only a desire to start importing from China. After two days packed full of information, I am armed with the tools needed to making this desire a reality. I recommend it to anyone considering this type of business.”

Lucy Rekkas (Melbourne) recommends this to anyone looking to build a successful importing business.
“Ian & Adam are fantastic and know a lot about importing and all that is involved. I would recommend their workshops and services.”

Christina Mazza was impressed!
“The workshop was fantastic! I believe it is perfect for people who are considering importing & selling products from China.”

Dean Bodle (Townsville) had the best 3 days ever at our workshop.
“Best 3 days ever! A great way to learn about importing from China.”

Ivis Chih was surprised how good our workshop was and left with plenty of motivation to get started.
“Surprisingly good Workshop! It’s great that I decided to attend because I have learnt so much that keeps me motivated to start my own Importing business.”


Discover How to Create a Lifestyle Business Part Time & our strategies to Import from China with No Money Down!

We give you not just one, but six strategies to buy a container from a reputable Chinese supplier with none of your own money!

You’ll also discover:

  • WHAT to do to find the best selling products… we show you 7 strategies you can immediately apply after returning home
    Book now

    Book now – we expect to fill up fast!

  • HOW to take advantage of eBay importing secrets only known to the world’s top sellers! We reveal the exact blueprint we use in our businesses. This part of the workshop alone is worth thousands of dollars, but you can access it all for free if you secure your seat now
  • HOW to quickly improve your business… perfect if you have an existing business selling stock, and if you want to suck the biggest return from investment from any sale you make
  • Little-known MARKETING secrets that are working right now… to help you attract a steady stream of buyers, and get closer to time and money freedom
  • WHY Alibaba is the worst platform to find Chinese suppliers… and why we would never recommend it as a reputable source. In fact unlike others we don’t give you a useless list of suppliers… we go one step further and SHOW you how you can find them easily and painlessly yourself
  • Simple WAYS to tap into your passion, gifts, and knowledge… to build your business part time so you can eventually cut back on your working hours in your J.O.B. and sack your boss for good or STOP trading time for money in your business



Thousands of Importers Have This Opportunity, But NEVER Discover It – Now YOU CAN! But Hurry… Spaces are LIMITED!

We’ve buddied up with some of the hottest marketing and mindset leaders in Australia to give you EVERYTHING you NEED to SUCCEED!

We leave no stone unturned at this 2-day workshop.

And to help you hit the ground running we’ve invited a small group of successful experts to come and share their success secrets and proven marketing systems with you.

We leave no stone unturned... walk away with our proven nuts & bolts system!

We leave no stone unturned… walk away with our proven nuts & bolts system!

We also have Guest Speakers and they are some of the Most Influential and Successful Business People in Australia, and They Will Show You Their Secrets to Success!


Ian - Head01 - 42kbIan Schoots

Ian is the Co Founder of the Australian Importing Club and has many years of experience in Importing From China. He developed the formula to Import From China without the risks many new importers fall into. His knowledge of Chinese Culture and work ethics have made him an extremely successful businessman and importer. His background began as a simple small business owner before moving into importing. His business sense made him over $100,000 selling products on eBay in his first 12 months of importing!You will be glad you had taken the time to come to the workshop!

Adam - Head02 - 39kbAdam Paterson

Adam is the other Co Founder of the Australian Importing Club and has a rich knowledge of Importing From China as well as other countries. Adam quickly moved to Junior manager of the large retail chain at the early age of 19 before moving onto bigger things. He has had years of experience working with large corporations that import from all over the world. He is also noted for turning around large companies on the brink of bankruptcy to become thriving businesses once more. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to an industry expert!


Is This Right for Me?

The Australian Importing Club Live 2-Day Workshop is perfect for people looking to escape the rat race or stop trading their time for money in business.

Our workshop attendees come from all walks of life. We’ve had plumbers, builders, tradies, and retailers (gifts shops, clothing stores, hair and beauty, etc.). We’ve had small business owners who are sick and tired of working against the clock with no time freedom… we’ve had retirees looking for additional income streams to boost their retirement.

We’ve also had also doctors, lawyers, and accountants who want to get out of their 9-5 and work less, so they can spend more time with their family, play golf, and travel. We attract very intelligent and successful people looking for TIME AND MONEY FREEDOM.

Truth is anything and everything is made in China, no matter what industry you’re in.

This is NOT for You…

  • If you’re happy and content working for a boss.
  • If you’re not prepared to put in the actual work to implement what we teach you at the workshop.
  • Or if you expect overnight success and wake up rich tomorrow.
If you're sick and tired of trading time for money then this is for you!

If you’re sick and tired of trading time for money then this is for you!

Is This Going to Be an All-Day Pitch Fest?

No! We will give you our nuts & bolts success system. The only “pitch” we’ll make is presenting you with an opportunity to work closer with the Australian Importing Club at the end of the 2-day workshop.

You can rest assured that we’ve been to plenty of these pitch fests and didn’t appreciate them at all. So we want to do the right thing by you. You can expect TONS of value – and if you’re prepared to take what we’ll show you and have a real go at it, then you need to be in the room with us… because you’ll have a REAL chance at becoming our next importing success story!

Here’s why you should be in the room with us!

  • We are still a part of the day-to-day business of importing. We are passing on up-to-date real life experience… not a theory
  • We show you our proven system for importing successfully and selling online
  • We have our own office in China that is there for the benefit of our members
  • We also have family that are Chinese and still live in China, so our network of contacts and experience in dealing with China is unsurpassed
  • We have an intricate understanding of how to make websites and eBay listings sell
  • We were once like you, and turned things around… now our businesses runs passively

We give you REAL information based on REAL experience that will show you how to create a REAL business!

Let’s Be Realistic, Shall We?

Success leaves clues. I’m sure you’ve heard that being said before. It’s true. Chances are you already are successful in the work you do. But you’re likely to be chained to a corporate desk… or a service business that sees you working far too many long hours, for little return.

What we’re about to hand you at this 2-day workshop is the key to unlocking your own success story. But you still have to put the key into the keyhole, twist it, and open the door to walk through.

In other words… you will have to do the work to make it all happen.

The great news is that you can do this while still working in your existing job or business – That’s exactly how I got started!

So it’s up to you whether you want to invest more time into your importing business to reap the fruits of your labour sooner. You totally can. And the beauty of this is that you’ll be in charge of your time.

Once you implement what you’ll discover at the workshop you’ll be well on your way…

Caitlyn from Melbourne

Jade from the Gold Coast!

Kurt Gartner recommends our workshop to anyone looking at importing.
“Excellent workshop for anyone who is looking at importing.”

Pete from Sydney

Chris from Melbourne

Melissa Pain said, 'Brilliant workshop. Covered everything.'
“The 3 day workshop was brilliant! It covered pretty much everything!”

Robin from Melbourne

Josh from Perth loved the social media marketing session… he is positive and more confident about his importing business

Lucas Zhang was extremely glad to attend!
“Generous presentation of sound, practical information clearly based on years of experience. Extremely glad i came along. Thanks again to Ian & Adam.”

Skye from Brisbane

Geoff Young now has the clarity he wanted to confidently import from China.
“If you are overwhelmed or confused by all of the importing information online, come along to this workshop. You will find out exactly what is involved in importing from China & selling online.”


Need More Reasons to Secure Your Seat Today?

To recap, here’s a sampling of the nuts & bolts system we’ll share with you at the workshop…we’ll show you how to:

  • How to PICK a big selling product that keeps on selling
  • GET the best profit margins for your products
  • IMPORT a container of products with no money down
  • FIND a reputable Chinese factory without leaving home and buy at rock-bottom prices
  • COMMUNICATE frustration free with Chinese factories
  • AVOID online directory scams that suck you dry of your hard-earned money
  • SECURE a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
  • GET around the Canton Import & Export Trade Fair
  • PUT your mindset into peak condition and primed for success
  • AVOID hidden importing costs and reduce import duty
  • AVOID Australian Customs officials seizing your container
  • SAVE thousands each year on freight charges
  • ENSURE the quality on all your future orders is consistent
  • AVOID product patent infringements
  • GO to China and communicate with the right people… without speaking a word of Chinese!
  • SAVE thousands a year when paying your supplier by making smart forex exchanges
  • AVOID cash flow problems
  • EARN passive income… while you sleep!
  • DESTROY your competition using little known eBay strategies
  • MAKE your products stand out
  • DRIVE lots of customers to your website – for free!
  • FAST-TRACK the importing blueprint system into your dream lifestyle business
  • And MUCH MORE!


Seats Are Filling Fast! We’d Hate for You to Miss This Opportunity!

Adam and I are just two everyday Aussie guys who had a big dream and made it happen – after stumbling over many hurdles. We want to help you avoid the same mistakes we made, and give you a lightning fast start to building your own importing lifestyle business.

We’re accessible and real. To help you get to know us better we’re also throwing in a social networking session at the end of day #1 – we’ll gather around the bar for an hour or two,with free drinks on us as a thank you for showing up and taking the time to liberate your lifestyle. You’ll be able to speak to Adam and I to ask any questions you like.


We Want You to Succeed! As a Thank You for Attending Our Workshop You’ll Also Get the Following BONUS Gifts – for FREE!

Get ALL THREE GIFTS for attending the workshop…

whitepaperFREE Australian Regulations Fact Sheet (valued at $27)
Get the EDGE and gain valuable insiders know-how about the rules and regulations of importing from China with this handy sheet, and never worry about staying in line with Australian Customs regulations
SugarCRM-GlossaryFREE Glossary of Importing Terms Dictionary (valued at $27)
Get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other importers who may be struggling with some of the importing terms, costing them time, money, and hassles, and talk like a pro right from the moment you hit the “GO” button

forecastsFREE Importer’s Purchasing & Forecasting Program (valued at $1997)
Easily and quickly forecast your PROFITS and CASH FLOW figures with this secretly guarded (until now) forecasting program. Importers simply never give this stuff away… until now! This is a priceless acquisition tool that will save you tens of thousands of dollars… if not more!

timthumb572FREE 2 x Tickets to a Social Media Strategy Workshop (valued at $3994)
Ramp up your social proof, and build your social community with ease, thanks to Kerry Fitzgibbon’s expert guidance. If you’re not utilising social media to grow your business, you’re LOSING clients and money! At this workshop you’ll discover the secrets to effective social media marketing – without having to spend hours every day doing so. Kerry shows you how you can easily dominate Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, and WHY having a social presence will LIFT your expert status.

Meeting2People_shutterstock_47366794_3No-CostFREE New Importer’s Foreign Exchange Expert Consultation (valued at $197)
Don’t let the Foreign Exchange Rates market play you. Discover how to play it to your advantage instead and AVOID the HIGHLY VOLATILE fees associated with currency exchange done at the wrong time.
Dvd_cd_disk3FREE ENTRY into a draw to win an Australian Importing Club DVD Pack
Get an INSIDER view into the lies and the hype peddled by many in the importing industry and never get caught with your pants down. We show you the “real deal” and help you avoid the hucksters.

young-people-in-club-or-bar-drinking-beer-out-of-a-beer-bottle-and-have-fun2FREE – Rub shoulders with two industry experts and have a drink at our fun Networking Night, held straight after Day 1 (Value Priceless)
This is a great opportunity to chat with us and ask us any question you like. Both Adam and I (Ian) will be there to mingle, make new friends and help you clarify any questions you may have. This is a relaxed and social gathering with like-minded people to have a chat, get acquainted and mingle.

We’re passionate about helping others succeed by showing them the traps of the importing industry, and uncovering the lies and the hype peddled by many


P.S. If you’re looking to be financially free as an importer you need to secure your seat for our upcoming 2-Day Australian Importing Club Live Workshop now. Seats are limited! At the workshop we’ll reveal the most powerful importing marketing system on the planet – it’s the same system we use in our businesses!

Rob saw the value of what we taught about selling on eBay and marketing online!

Beverly already has an existing eBay business – she now knows what to do step by step


“Can’t make it to this event?”
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